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jonas rivanno

Biodata Jonas Rivanno Wattimena Profil
Full Name : Jonas Rivanno Wattimena
Alternative Name : Jonas Revanno, Jonas Revano, Jonas Rivano
Nickname : Vanno, Nino, Vano
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 20 Maret 1987
Father's Name : Agustinus Wattimena
Mother's Name : Leony Pattipeilohy
Religion : Christian Protestant
Zodiak : Pisces
Occupation : Actor
, Model
Education : Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS), majoring Environmental Engineering
Hobby : Basketball, Acting, Singing, making people happy
Favorite Books : Comics
Favorite Music : Rock
Favorite TV Shows : Channel V, MTV, Khanza, Kawin Massal
, Smallville, NikitaCommercial Ad for : All New Honda Jazz (with Gabriella Resti Taroeno)

foto Jonas Revanno Wattimena photo galleryJUDUL SINETRON TITLE :- Khanza as Nino, starring with Velove Vexia, Alexandra Gottardo- Kawin Masal as Ben, starring with Glenn Alinskie, Agnes Monica and Kimberly Ryder- Nikita as Vanno, starring with Nikita Willy, Dude Harlino, Jessica Mila, Cathy Sharon, Dirly Idol and Debbie Cinthya Dewi.Biografi Jonas Revanno Wattimena :Jonas Rivanno Wattimena, better known as Jonas Rivanno (many people known her name as Jonas Revanno Wattimena, Jonas Revano or Jonas Rivano) was born at Jakarta, 20 Maret 1987.Jonas Rivanno, a young macho boy who have blood mixture from Netherlands, Germany and Ambon is starting his career as a foto model in the teenage magazine (cowok hot sexy model) after successfully obtaining a degree from Best Catwalk at Coverboy Aneka Yess 2007 event selection.

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